Manufacturer Commercial Insurance

manufacturer commercial insuranceManufacturing presents a unique set of risks that should be addressed by a comprehensive insurance and risk management program, depending on the products involved. Many manufacturers are involved in spec work, making products or parts to customer’s specification, while others manufacture completed products to their own specifications. Still others have their products manufactured overseas to their own specifications and sold here in the United States.

Insurance Programs for Manufacturers

Product liability, property coverage, business interruption, dependent suppliers, world wide supply chain issues, and the technological aspect of computer running many assembly lines, has made policy procurement/coverage very complex. Contractual arrangements with clients, cyber issues and potential E&O related exposures add to the dynamics of properly protecting a manufacturing operation.

Boynton & Boynton has extensive experience managing insurance programs for manufacturers. As part of our services a thorough risk assessment is conducted to uncover potential gaps. Programs are tailored to address individual exposures unique to our clients, and our very large stable of carriers allows the most competitive pricing in the industry.