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The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season was forecast to be below average, and after a 2013 where early season forecasts might be best remembered for being well beyond what actually occurred, 2014’s forecast was pitch perfect. With the exception of a single brush with the Carolina Coast, 2014 marked the second year with little or no impact to the large and growing coastal population of the U.S. Gulf and Atlantic coasts.Flood Insurance in NJ from Boynton & Boynton

Because predictions continue to be gloomy for foreseeable future seasons, you should look closely at all of the necessary steps to protect yourself against the damage flooding can cause.

The northeast is not only vulnerable to the tropical disturbances that develop in the Atlantic, but also the seemingly annual Nor ‘easters that make their way up the east coast.

Protect yourself and your greatest investment against the physical, emotional and financial distress that is directly associated with flooding by securing a flood policy.

A few key facts about Flood Insurance:

– Everyone lives in a Flood Zone. You do not need to live near the water to be flooded.
– If you live in a condominium, the association’s master flood policy may not provide adequate flood insurance for your unit.
– Primary Flood is available for up to $250,000 on your home and $100,000 in contents. Excess Flood policies offering coverage beyond primary policies are also available.

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