Technology Sector

Commercial Insurance for Tech Businesses

Today’s technology requires an in depth understanding of what insurance products properly address the unique exposures that technology driven insured’s have. Many technology companies have design build, and consultant/implementation professional risks that must be properly covered, while others have potential cyber exposures related to their work that also need to be evaluated along with the balance of traditional lines of insurance.

The technology services sector is constantly changing and just as importantly so is the insurance industry producing new lines of coverage and programs to meet these needs. Staying on top of these changes allows Boynton & Boynton to constantly monitor new product lines as they are rolled out to introduce our insured’s to the best possible coverage at the very best pricing the industry has to offer in any given year. Many carriers have developed and implemented new technology programs over the past 5 years as they vie for this rapidly growing segment, and having access to all these markets keeps us a step ahead for our insured’s.