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Insure your personal belongings with Boynton & Boynton Insurance in NJ, PA, & NY.
It can take years to accumulate your possessions. Knowing the details of your homeowners or renters insurance can help make sure those valuables are adequately protected. Keep the following in mind when reviewing personal property coverage on an insurance policy.

What is personal property insurance?

Personal property coverage is an important part of your homeowners or renters insurance policy. It helps cover the investments you have made in your possessions in the event that they’re lost, stolen, or damaged.

TIP: A very common misconception among renters is that their landlord’s insurance policy will cover their belongings in the event of a loss. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t.

Common categories of personal property:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • TVs and other electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Recreational equipment

Do I need scheduled personal property coverage?

Some categories of personal property have a maximum dollar amount limit your insurance company will pay in the event of a loss. That’s where scheduled personal property coverage can come in.

It’s an optional coverage that can provide increased limits for a valuable appraised item, such as an engagement ring. It allows you to insure items, or groups of items, above the standard limits in your homeowners or renters insurance policy.


  • Catalog your personal property with photos and estimated values.
  • Compare the value of your possessions with your personal property coverage limit. Make sure you are adequately protected.
  • Figure out your most valuable items and consider extra coverage with scheduled personal property coverage.

Speak to one of our personal property coverage experts to review what protection is right for you.

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