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Call before you dig

What is 811?

Did you know that homeowners and contractors are required to call the number ‘811’ before digging on any property so that they can be made aware of any underground lines, such as pipes and cables, buried in the area? Improper digging can damage underground lines causing the disruption of service to an entire neighborhood, harm diggers or excavators, and even incur potential fines and repair costs.

For the unaware, 811 is the national “Call Before You Dig” phone number set up by the Federal Communications Commission. This number was specifically developed to eliminate the confusion of regional or local “Call Before You Dig” numbers because it is easy to use, is the same for every state, and can help protect anyone who does dig from injury, expense and potential penalties.

What Happens After Calling 811?

All 811 calls are routed to a local Call Center and the affected utilities. The utility company will then send crews to the location to mark any underground lines for the homeowner or contractor for free.

Do Most People Call Before They Dig?

No. In spite of all the potential danger and damage that can be caused, most people still do not call. According to a recent national survey, 45 percent of American homeowners who plan to dig this year said that they would not call 811 beforehand.

More Information

For more information about the 811 call system, visit To download the most current industry best practices in connection with preventing damage to underground facilities, go to

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